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Hi, I'€m Damon.

I'm not a guru, I don't have a lambo, and I don't have anything to sell you. I am an average guy who has hustled and grinded my way into financial freedom through real estate investing.


I began like many - I read a ton of books, attended many REI seminars, and listened to all of the great podcasts out there until I purchased my first rental property. Over the next few years I acquired more than 20 more properties and began seeing the power of cashflow, equity build-up, appreciation, as well as tax benefits. During this process I have made mistakes and had major set backs but I kept going. I am proof that an average/everyday, hard working person can make it in real estate.


My goal is to give back and to help others acquire their first properties and provide support and guidance where I can.



Damon Santa Maria

Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing