Damon Santa Maria, Managing Director

I pesonally want to thank you for visiting our site. Our goal to help the everyday investor to realize their potential to achieve financial freedom through the power of real estate investing. Whether you are new to REI or a seasoned investor, we believe we can help you reach a higher level of wealth and freedom.



Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing


Established in 2012, Marsant Investments is one of the most trusted real estate investment companies in the greater Houston area. Clients know our level of commitment, as we believe in open communication and follow through. For us, it is all about ensuring our client's satisfaction.

Having a network of licensed and experienced professionals, all having a fantastic understanding of the local markets. This allows us to better serve property owners by opening connections and relationships across the nation.

Focusing only on income properties and real estate notes, we are experts when it comes to finding the right opportunities at the right price. Our reputation for professionalism and excellence is something you can absolutely rely on.