With a diverse portfolio, Marsant Investments is well respected and known for maintaining honest and trusting property consultation services. Investors and property owners come to us because the properties we list and recommend are clean, comfortable, and are ideal for passive investors who are expecting maximum returns. Local Area Providers (LAPs) prefer us because we connect well qualified investors to their network of investment properties. We create mutually beneficial relationships on all fronts.

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Adhering to a higher standard, we not only make sure your properties and tenants are cared for but that vacant properties are marketed effectively to help ensure greater occupancy. Our approach is comprehensive and efficient.

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We can help match you with the perfect rental home. Whether you are looking for a single bedroom apartment or a home spacious enough for a family of five, you can count on us to show you properties that are affordable and well maintained.

We will also walk you through the entire rental process, making sure you are comfortable with the agreement as well as the home current listings.    Contact Us for our current listings.

Marsant Investments is a leading real estate investment (REI) company focusing on long term buy and hold investments.

Dealing with residential properties from across the nation, we invest in local markets where the numbers make the most sense.

One of our goals is to help beginner investors find, purchase, and manage a portfolio of investments with returns that far exceed traditional investments through stocks and bonds.

Our professional real estate team takes on all the duties of connecting wholesalers, rehabbers, and

sellers, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your investments without having to deal with any of the hassles.

Having Marsant Investments in your corner makes owning rental properties a lot easier.

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